Click to enlargeWitzzle Puzzle Activity Book

  • Write number sentences using basic math facts
  • Develop strategies using logical reasoning skills
  • Recognize multiple solutions for the same target
  • Use correct order of operations
  • Use critical thinking and estimation skills to score the bonus points

If you enjoy the Witzzle Pro Game, you need the Witzzle Pro Puzzle Activity Book! Based on the popular mental math game, the Witzzle Puzzle provides even more fun with 40 ready-to-use activity sheets that add the element of scoring with opportunities for bonus points as you conquer new levels of play. 10 of the puzzle pages use negative numbers.  Wonderful for use as a daily activity to reinforce basic operation skills, order of operations, and algebraic number sense. Students exercise problem-solving skills, mental math skills and even explore negative concepts. Solutions provided.

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Witzzle Puzzle Act. Book
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